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Hipnotikk Announcement

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It is with deepest sadness that we write to inform you that we will no longer be able to actively run Hipnotikk. Amy Soranno, the owner of Hipnotikk, has a serious illness that has progressed, and she is no longer able to function effectively, therefore we are shutting down. Hipnotikk has been a dream fulfilled for us and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and being involved along the way. It has been incredible.

Kairos – Teambackpack Audition d(-_-)b

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Kairos just dropped his 2015 Teambackpack audition and wow, did he ever kill it! Let’s all support this artist by liking and sharing his video for a chance at being in a Teambackpack cypher and partake in MULA (Mission Underground Los Angeles). If you’re interested in auditioning for TBP, you can view all of the submission information here. Good luck Kairos and everyone else entering!

Tyler Skyy – Intergalactic Album Release

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Hip-hop artist and Vancouver transplant Tyler Skyy has been heavy on his grind over the past few years and after living through multiple heart surgeries and working with charities such as Ronald McDonald House, he has no shortage of stories to tell. His recently dropped project ‘Intergalactic’ is just that. An eloquently told story of his past, present and hopes for his future expressed through his laid-back rhyme style and astute wordplay. A bit of double-time rapping mixed with some light singing has Skyy showing off his diverse skill-set while providing a thrill to listeners ear drums. The title track gives an outer-space vibe off the bat with it’s airy production. Skyy’s mellow flow and fierce narrative are apparent with lines like, “I was literally born with a broken heart/but Ima die with the chest of a lion beneath these scars”. Vancouver OG JayKin provides a verse on “Gifted” where Skyy continues to express those past struggles with heart complications. “I’ve been given the gift of life/ So while I’m here Ima live it right” he croons while getting real and honest about his past. Tyler Skyy is like an open book filled with anecdotes of struggle, perseverance, heartache and hope. Features from Quake Matthews and Britti Noble add a welcome assortment to the mix although Skyy could have easily held his own on this project. Don’t be fooled by his positive demeanour, the longer this young up-and-comer keeps his head in the game, he is sure to grow only more tenacious. We’d also like to give shout outs to Greg Schlosser (G-Styles) from Kelowna, BC for hand painting the official cover art for this album, and to Andrew Conweezie for his graphic talents on the CD as well. ‘Intergalactic’ is available for download off of iTunes and BandCamp now, enjoy!

Big Valley Battles

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Bizzy Mind, a well known hip-hop artist and rap battler from Vancouver has started a new rap battle league in the Okanagan, called the Big Valley Battles. He has been joined by Keitz Beatz and JDK Nonstop to create an incredible league that we are so excited about! Their first event is on May 8th in Kelowna and Habitat, click here for more information.